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 Founder's Vision

Dr. Lizabeth Nana Otoo Forbes, the founder of New Covenant School, pursued her dream to establish a low-cost Christian Private School in the Gambia that would provide quality education to children. She believed that finances should not be a hindrance to giving a child the best education possible.

This goal was hinged in her belief that God's new covenant to each child was better education, better health and abundant life. 

Dedicated to her cause, she developed partnerships with child sponsorship organizations to provide full scholarships for children who could not afford education. Dr. Forbes nurtured an inclusive culture, that led to the successful integration of all school partners (board members, parents, administrators, educators and students) and advanced the mission of New Covenant School. She encouraged students and educators to abide by the following Christian values: Faith in God, Integrity and Perseverance.

Dr. Forbes laid the foundation for New Covenant School to have the best education system in Gambia. She hoped that the school's good name would resound in the hearts and minds of many.

2020/21 Academic Calendar

1st Term - October to December

2nd  Term - January to March

3rd Term - April to July


New Covenant School tops Gambia Basic Education Certificate Examinations. 

NanaSunbeam Scholarship for Grade 9 girls


Kindly download and complete the admission form and email to

To gain admission, students must take the Entrance Examination, which is composed of written assessments in literacy and numeracy to ensure the appropriate level of skill and knowledge to meet the requirements of our academic curriculum. 

For information call us at +220 2611659 / +220 3849834 / +220 9004161.




Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education Gambia (MoBSE)

West African Examination Council